LMS Lighting Poles

Meeting the demands of industrial, mining and commercial environments, Light Mounting Systems Australia (LMS) has developed an innovative range of lighting poles and mounting accessories which improve both the cost effectiveness and safety associated with lighting installations and maintenance by allowing safe and simple access to light fittings and equipment.

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Proudly Australian Made, with an extensive range of standard configurations or the ability to design and manufacture a solution specific for your sites requirements

Suitable For:

Handrail Stanchion Mount

The standard range of handrail stanchion mount lighting poles offered by LMS provide safe and easy access to stanchion mount lighting installations.

Pipe Stanchion Mount Pole


Angle Iron Stanchion Mount Pole


Floodlight Stanchion System


Wall / Column Mount

The wall/column mount range is designed to safely and easily access lighting and equipment typically mounted to walls/columns or similar.

Vertical Swing down System


InFloor / Overhead mount

The custom infloor/overhead mount range is designed to easily access lighting and equipment installed in typically inaccessible locations such as In/Under flooring & raised locations.

Horizontal Swing Down System


Infloor Bracket System

* The InFloor/Overhead Mount range from LMS (LMS041 & LMS050) are individually designed/manufactured based on site specific installation requirements and existing infrastructure.